Full Moon Medatation

Did you know that Sunday 27th January  2013 is the first full moon of the year, in fact, a Leo Full Moon? 

A friend and I have decided to facilitate an evening up the Hibiscus Coast, in a wonderful venue that has 360 degree views of the Upper Harbour.   We will see the Full Moon as it rises and sheds it light over the water in front of us.  

We will meet at 4.30pm for a shared circle, a shared dinner, followed by a Full Moon Meditation. 

My friend Raewyn is an Astrologer with 30 years experience and will lead us through the Meditation explaining a little of the Leo aspects that could affect us through this Full Moon period.

I shall be bringing my crystal Heart and Third Eye bowls to take us deeper into the heart of ourselves, and give us clarity, in preparation for a greater enjoyment of this Meditation.      

If you are interested and would like to join us, please email me for directions at robin@mindmagic.co.nz   by this coming Friday 25th January 2013.

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The Outcast

Sometimes whilst meditating on first awakening in the morning it is as though there is a story that must be told.   It might be in the form of a story as in the case of the Secret of Life Stories, or in the form of a poem, but at other times just a very deep knowing that this is important to share.   And in terms of the “Outcast” this is where I find myself today.

 At a recent Shamanic Workshop, when I was asked to get in touch with the Spirit of the New World, I became very aware of the Flower of Life symbol which for me represents interconnecting circles of both unity and uniqueness.  

 I believe that all of us have our own unique abilities, qualities, and a harmonic resonance that when combined with others offers more than the sum of the parts.  

 As I was immersed in meditation on the 12/12/12 I became distinctly aware of an energy that had all the hallmarks of the “Outcast” archetype and allowed myself to sit with it for a while to see what it had to tell me.

 I became distinctly aware of the important part that the “outcast” archetype  plays in today’s society and how it can be used to maintain power and control.  We only need to look at teenage binge drinkers to see how the fear of becoming “outcast” maintains power and control.   The power of peer pressure, or group think.

I am also aware that often when people come to see me, when they are upset or not coping, then the answer is in the opposite, which is often hidden from their awareness at that time.

 So when it comes to the “Outcast” what is its opposite and what does it have to do with the Flower of Life Symbol.

 For me the opposite of the “Outcast” is UNITY, where all is unified or all is “one” and the outcast in no longer held in manifestation.  

 If you look closely at the symbol of the Flower of Life (or more clearly in the diagram of the seed of life) you will find intersecting circles encompassing points of what I call Unity and points of Uniqueness.   Ever increasing circles of unity and uniqueness which just continue grow and grow and where the “outcast” ceases to exist.

 So might I suggest that as we head towards 21/12/12 you might also like to hold the Flower of Life symbol in your consciousness as you begin to appreciate both the uniqueness and unity of each individual in our ever expanding world.   That point of balance and harmony that I truly believe each and every one of us has the potential to hold.

Flower of Life

The seed of life


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Another Secret of Life Story

I have just finished rafting down the Clarence River for the second time, with a wonderful company called Clarence River Rafting. You might like to check out their web page to find out more.  http://www.clarenceriverrafting.co.nz .   We were extremely lucky with the weather, being fortunate enough to pick the gap between the storms, and enjoy beautiful fine sunny days.

On returning home, when I woke up the next morning there was this story on my mind that wanted to be shared, and so I gift it to you in the spirit of its intention:

FROM THE MOUNTAINS TO THE SEA:   The mighty Clarence River.

Once upon a time a long time ago a mighty river was born amongst the mountains.   At first no more than a trickle that had decided to explore and see what was on the other side of the mountains.   He asked other trickles to join him but they all declined as they were quite happy where they were and were afraid of what they might meet on the way. 

So one dark night when the new moon was low, he asked the moon, will you light my way, will you help me find my way, and the moon who loved to shine thought what fun it would be to light the way for the trickle to journey to the other side of the mountains and see what they could see.

So they set off.   It was a struggle at first as the trickle was very small, and the moon was only new, and they weren’t quite sure what to do.   But on the way they met other trickles who wanted to explore and see what was on the other side.   So they joined together and became stronger and stronger.

They journeyed this way and that way, as they wound their way down through the mountains.   Sometimes it was easy and sometimes it was hard depending on what was in front of them.    Valleys formed and as more and more trickles joined them, gorges began to form as they found the spaces between the boulders that got in the way.

But the boulders knew that they had a place, to help the river to stem the flow, so they allowed the space but stood their ground to allow the flow to find its way, so that corners could form and circles could grow, and currents could move in exactly the right way, so that rest could be found along the way. 

And it was such a wonderful journey that others who saw decided to join them on the way to the other side of the mountain to see what they could see.   And it rained and rained and the trickle grew and it grew until it became a mighty river, crashing and banging, turning this way and that way, plunging down faster and faster taking everything with it that got in the way.   A mighty torrent ploughing at full speed ahead destroying everything in its way.

So it called for help, and the wind, who had been helping all along the way, heard and it, knew exactly what to do.   It knew how to blow the other way.   So it turned and it blew with all its might and waves formed and the river slowed, and it began to flow, more gently now, more easily now and it began to sing, as it had time to enjoy the journey to see what was on the other side of the mountains.

And as it flowed, so did the trees begin to grow, and the shelter begin to form for the birds to nest and the plants to grow and the fish to swim upstream now.   There were places to drink and places to flow,  flowers began to blossom and the birds began to fly, and it found its way to the edge of the land, where the sea and the river met, so much wiser now, so much stronger now, so much happier now.

So if you ever want to find your way just take a journey down that mighty river, the Clarence I think is has chosen to be, and you might be surprised just what you will find, on your journey from the mountains to the sea.


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The Magic Gates

I want to tell you a story about The Magic Gates

These magic gates are those gates that keep appearing in your life, and the surprise is who and what else is standing on the other side of that gate.  

Believe it or not, what matters is not who or what is standing at that gate but what happens when the gate opens and closes.

And you get to choose.    You may choose to go through the same gate many times, or you may choose to go through another gate.  

Isn’t it good to know that there is no judgement.

Timing, I believe is the most significant factor in the choice that is made when the gate opens and closes.

What happens when you open and close these gates, I believe is related to.

  1. The number of times you have been through this gate before
  2. Whether you like opening and closing gates
  3. What you perceive is on the other side of this gate (your imagination)
  4. What happens between when you open the gate and when you close the gate – the space between.
  5. What you bring with you to that gate as a consequence of:
  •       You past experiences
  •       Your present physical  health
  •       Your present mental health
  •       Your support mechanisms (people)
  •       How you pay for what is on the other side
  •       Your interpretation of what is right and what is wrong

The space between what happens when you open and close the gate I believe is the most significant factor in relation to the outcome.

And the OUTCOME:  Well it may not be what you expect; there are always unlimited possibilities.

So I invite you to play a little with my Magic Gates, and allow them to become signposts on your journey of life.   I wonder what they will look like.   I wonder what you can dream up.   So many options, so many choices and isn’t it nice to know that you do have a choice.

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Chronic Pain

If constant pain is part of your everyday experience and is limiting what you do in your life you might like to check out the article in the May 5-11-2012 New Zealand Listener “No Pain – Big Gain” pages 16-21.   It is what I know and what I believe and it is so great to see it in the public domain.

As a sufferer of chronic pain for some years, I was fortunate enough to spend 6 months at the Pain Clinic, Auckland Hospital where I learnt how to switch off my pain.    I remember the first time I realized that I had the ability to work with pain, when I chose to move my pain.   All I had to do was close my eyes and ask it to move.   The first place I chose was my big toe, and I can assure you this was so much more comfortable than where I normally experienced it I could hardly believe it.   I had tried so many different ways to try to get rid of the constant screaming pain and it was limiting my life.

It was the beginning of a journey for me into the world of mind/body relationships and my career as a hypnotherapist.    It opened up so much more in my world as I came to understand pain in a way that I didn’t believe possible and allowed me to assist others who were suffering what I had suffered.

So if pain is part of your life, and it is limiting your life, I do very strongly suggest that you at least find a way to read the article, and then perhaps give hypnotherapy a chance to see just how it can help you make such a difference in your life.

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Widsom Cloaks

I have just made myself a beautiful brightly coloured felt shawl, or wisdom cloak as I like to call it.   I still can’t quite believe how it happened.  How good I feel about it, the compliments I get when I wear it, and how easy it all was. 

There was a car park just outside a textile gallery, and instead of heading off to the shops I decided to stop and have a look and the next thing I knew I was standing in front of a table with brightly coloured wool around me making my own wisdom cloak.

I was amazed, given all the choices that I had, at the colours I chose.  Lime green, blue, red, orange , purple and gold.   Fluffy long strands of soft, soft marino wool.   I didn’t have much time so I just picked them quickly off the shelf, feeling into the colours, and whether the colours liked each other and got started.

I am not really what most people would call an artist in the truest sence,   Although hypnotherapy, from my perspective, is really about using words in the most positive sense to help others paint a new picture of who they choose to be.   To leave the old them behind and claim who they really are.

So here I was standing there with all this coloured wool in front of me, and believe it or not, it just seemed to find its own pattern.   Its own wisdom as I let it unfold into the pattern it wanted to be, and I love it.

So it left me thinking, I wonder whether there are others out there who would like to make their own wisdom cloak and if so perhaps we can find a way to make it happen.

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Well I am not sure about you, but what I do know about me is that when I get run down, overtired, or not feeling well, it is so easy for the tears to flow.   I find it interesting how hard tears are for most people to be around.   Not sure why, but it seems that it is easier for everyone if we just bury them.

What I do know though, is that burying them does not help.   It is like swallowing them down and when we do this too often our body does not like it and it certainly does not promote wellness.  

I have been blogging lately about opposites, but this time I would like to use another modality to share another aspect of opposites.

Jin Shin Jyutsu works with the energy lines in your body to bring about balance and harmony.   It is a little like acupuncture but rather than using needles uses hands.  For each attitude there is an opposite, and for sadness the opposite is happiness and joy.  

So when I put my Jin Shin Jyutsu hat on to talk about sadness and grief, I would like to suggest that when the tears flow, please honour yourself, in the expression of the feeling that you are having at that moment in time.   And if you want to do something, you might like to, just for a little while, hold your ring finger, on whatever hand you choose, and know that are allowing healing to occur on the level of the feeling that you are experiencing now.

Someone, once said to me, that tears where when there was so much love inside that your skin can’t hold it any more.   So next time you find yourself crying, or someone you love, unable to stop crying, I ask you, to think about just how much love must be inside for those many tears to be coming to the surface now.


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Yes, I also know how to do Fear

Over the past few weeks I have observed my mind behaving in a way that reminded me of old patterns of being.    I found myself getting caught in a constant chatter of negativity, fear and pain.    In fact I  surprised myself, that with all I knew and all I believed in, that I was doing fear.  I was extremely tired and had not been particularly well and I guess what was happening was that my mind was defaulting to the negative, our natural default system.

I was being challenged on many levels, in terms of who I was, and what I believed in.   But the amazing thing was that the bigger the challenge and the more fearful I felt, the more I started to believe in who it is that I am.   What it is that I believe in, and what it is that I am passionate about.

And it reminded me about what I had said in my last blog about embracing the opposite.    When you are trapped by fear, look to the opposite or the other side of that fear, that aspect of yourself that wants a chance just to be who it is that you truly are.   Warts pimples and the lot.   To reclaim your magnificence, and to celebrate who it is that you truly are.   And you know what, when you do this you also allow others to do it to.  

And then what happens to fear.   Well it opens the doors to the opposite if you only let yourself embrace those positive aspects of yourself that you have hidden for far too long.   And you begin to celebrate who it is that you really are.


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It”s about the reflection

As I sit in my kitchen at my black granite bench typing this I am reminded how much pleasure I get from the reflection in the bench of the Ukka tree that sits outside my kitchen window.    The leaves have a tint of yellow in their greenness and the reflection that is mirrored in the bench is cheerful and makes me smile.   

I have become increasingly aware over the last 12 months, how important reflections are in the healing process.   Not the negative reflections that trip us up, but those that bring new insights, new dimensions, and new ways of thinking.

“As above, so below” was the phrase that started me on the journey of looking at reflections, especially in relation to my hypnotherapy practise.    I found myself questioning whether it was the opposite that held the answer to many of life’s challenges that people bought to my clinic.   The positive reflections that they were not owning.   That part of them that was truly who they were and had much to show them.

I would go so far as to state that for most of us, fear plays quite a considerable role in our life, and on some levels quite rightly as it keeps us safe.   But it also keeps us trapped in old ways of being.  

From a Jin Shin Jyutsu perspective, which deals with attitudes and how they effect our health, the opposite of fear is trust.   So for me walking from fear through to trust, seemed sensible.

So I started doing just this in my hypnotherapy practise.   Walking people from fear through to trust and what happened was that new insights appeared.   The wonderful thing was, and is, is that no two people so far have had the same insights.   Each one is tailored individually to suit them.

So, I suggest, that next time you find you are defaulting to the negative, and owning all the negative things that everyone has ever said about you,  think about its opposite and what it might feel like if you were to change you default system from negative to positive and begin to claim who you really are.


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Sarah’s Story – The Love Heart Birds

For Christmas  I would like to share with you a story written by my 8 year old grandchild in relation to a picture she drew at the drop in centre at the new Auckland Art Gallery.  

The Love Heart Birds

 I wanted to draw a parrot standing on a log but I didn’t know how to draw it’s legs so I drew it flying.

 I thought of other things and drew hearts and then drew black around them and they became love-heart birds.

 Mummy parrot had a baby and the baby really liked the love-heart birds and thought they were funny because they had love-hearts on their tummies, and one of the love-heart birds started to think “why did we have hearts on our tummies.”

 The ones that didn’t have love hearts on their tummies were not very nice to the love-heart birds but the mummy parrot was the boss of all the birds and what she did was make every bird special.

 When she saw one love-heart bird unhappy she did a little “birdy”  dance for him and she made him happy.

 He asked her “why do you have so many pretty colours” and the mummy bird said “I was born this way”.   You were born to be loving and kind.

 The love-heart bird said “but why do I love things when I am upset” and the mummy bird said “that if you can’t love things when you are sad you will be like every other bird and you would not be as special as every other bird because every bird has a special thing deep down inside of them”.

 “But I don’t know what my special thing is” said the love-heart bird.

 The mummy bird said “you will find it out at the right time.”   But when is the right time”.   “Any time is the right time.   “When you are sad and feeling upset you can be happy by thinking about anything.   About things that other birdies think you are awful at, or other birdies think you are silly about.   You just do what you want to do and think what you are and be VERY SPECIAL.”

 My Christmas wish for you is that you will notice how very special you are today and allow this specialness to touch another and another and another and watch it spread and grow throughout the day.

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