The Outcast

Sometimes whilst meditating on first awakening in the morning it is as though there is a story that must be told.   It might be in the form of a story as in the case of the Secret of Life Stories, or in the form of a poem, but at other times just a very deep knowing that this is important to share.   And in terms of the “Outcast” this is where I find myself today.

 At a recent Shamanic Workshop, when I was asked to get in touch with the Spirit of the New World, I became very aware of the Flower of Life symbol which for me represents interconnecting circles of both unity and uniqueness.  

 I believe that all of us have our own unique abilities, qualities, and a harmonic resonance that when combined with others offers more than the sum of the parts.  

 As I was immersed in meditation on the 12/12/12 I became distinctly aware of an energy that had all the hallmarks of the “Outcast” archetype and allowed myself to sit with it for a while to see what it had to tell me.

 I became distinctly aware of the important part that the “outcast” archetype  plays in today’s society and how it can be used to maintain power and control.  We only need to look at teenage binge drinkers to see how the fear of becoming “outcast” maintains power and control.   The power of peer pressure, or group think.

I am also aware that often when people come to see me, when they are upset or not coping, then the answer is in the opposite, which is often hidden from their awareness at that time.

 So when it comes to the “Outcast” what is its opposite and what does it have to do with the Flower of Life Symbol.

 For me the opposite of the “Outcast” is UNITY, where all is unified or all is “one” and the outcast in no longer held in manifestation.  

 If you look closely at the symbol of the Flower of Life (or more clearly in the diagram of the seed of life) you will find intersecting circles encompassing points of what I call Unity and points of Uniqueness.   Ever increasing circles of unity and uniqueness which just continue grow and grow and where the “outcast” ceases to exist.

 So might I suggest that as we head towards 21/12/12 you might also like to hold the Flower of Life symbol in your consciousness as you begin to appreciate both the uniqueness and unity of each individual in our ever expanding world.   That point of balance and harmony that I truly believe each and every one of us has the potential to hold.

Flower of Life

The seed of life


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