Another Secret of Life Story

I have just finished rafting down the Clarence River for the second time, with a wonderful company called Clarence River Rafting. You might like to check out their web page to find out more. .   We were extremely lucky with the weather, being fortunate enough to pick the gap between the storms, and enjoy beautiful fine sunny days.

On returning home, when I woke up the next morning there was this story on my mind that wanted to be shared, and so I gift it to you in the spirit of its intention:

FROM THE MOUNTAINS TO THE SEA:   The mighty Clarence River.

Once upon a time a long time ago a mighty river was born amongst the mountains.   At first no more than a trickle that had decided to explore and see what was on the other side of the mountains.   He asked other trickles to join him but they all declined as they were quite happy where they were and were afraid of what they might meet on the way. 

So one dark night when the new moon was low, he asked the moon, will you light my way, will you help me find my way, and the moon who loved to shine thought what fun it would be to light the way for the trickle to journey to the other side of the mountains and see what they could see.

So they set off.   It was a struggle at first as the trickle was very small, and the moon was only new, and they weren’t quite sure what to do.   But on the way they met other trickles who wanted to explore and see what was on the other side.   So they joined together and became stronger and stronger.

They journeyed this way and that way, as they wound their way down through the mountains.   Sometimes it was easy and sometimes it was hard depending on what was in front of them.    Valleys formed and as more and more trickles joined them, gorges began to form as they found the spaces between the boulders that got in the way.

But the boulders knew that they had a place, to help the river to stem the flow, so they allowed the space but stood their ground to allow the flow to find its way, so that corners could form and circles could grow, and currents could move in exactly the right way, so that rest could be found along the way. 

And it was such a wonderful journey that others who saw decided to join them on the way to the other side of the mountain to see what they could see.   And it rained and rained and the trickle grew and it grew until it became a mighty river, crashing and banging, turning this way and that way, plunging down faster and faster taking everything with it that got in the way.   A mighty torrent ploughing at full speed ahead destroying everything in its way.

So it called for help, and the wind, who had been helping all along the way, heard and it, knew exactly what to do.   It knew how to blow the other way.   So it turned and it blew with all its might and waves formed and the river slowed, and it began to flow, more gently now, more easily now and it began to sing, as it had time to enjoy the journey to see what was on the other side of the mountains.

And as it flowed, so did the trees begin to grow, and the shelter begin to form for the birds to nest and the plants to grow and the fish to swim upstream now.   There were places to drink and places to flow,  flowers began to blossom and the birds began to fly, and it found its way to the edge of the land, where the sea and the river met, so much wiser now, so much stronger now, so much happier now.

So if you ever want to find your way just take a journey down that mighty river, the Clarence I think is has chosen to be, and you might be surprised just what you will find, on your journey from the mountains to the sea.


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