Widsom Cloaks

I have just made myself a beautiful brightly coloured felt shawl, or wisdom cloak as I like to call it.   I still can’t quite believe how it happened.  How good I feel about it, the compliments I get when I wear it, and how easy it all was. 

There was a car park just outside a textile gallery, and instead of heading off to the shops I decided to stop and have a look and the next thing I knew I was standing in front of a table with brightly coloured wool around me making my own wisdom cloak.

I was amazed, given all the choices that I had, at the colours I chose.  Lime green, blue, red, orange , purple and gold.   Fluffy long strands of soft, soft marino wool.   I didn’t have much time so I just picked them quickly off the shelf, feeling into the colours, and whether the colours liked each other and got started.

I am not really what most people would call an artist in the truest sence,   Although hypnotherapy, from my perspective, is really about using words in the most positive sense to help others paint a new picture of who they choose to be.   To leave the old them behind and claim who they really are.

So here I was standing there with all this coloured wool in front of me, and believe it or not, it just seemed to find its own pattern.   Its own wisdom as I let it unfold into the pattern it wanted to be, and I love it.

So it left me thinking, I wonder whether there are others out there who would like to make their own wisdom cloak and if so perhaps we can find a way to make it happen.

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