Well I am not sure about you, but what I do know about me is that when I get run down, overtired, or not feeling well, it is so easy for the tears to flow.   I find it interesting how hard tears are for most people to be around.   Not sure why, but it seems that it is easier for everyone if we just bury them.

What I do know though, is that burying them does not help.   It is like swallowing them down and when we do this too often our body does not like it and it certainly does not promote wellness.  

I have been blogging lately about opposites, but this time I would like to use another modality to share another aspect of opposites.

Jin Shin Jyutsu works with the energy lines in your body to bring about balance and harmony.   It is a little like acupuncture but rather than using needles uses hands.  For each attitude there is an opposite, and for sadness the opposite is happiness and joy.  

So when I put my Jin Shin Jyutsu hat on to talk about sadness and grief, I would like to suggest that when the tears flow, please honour yourself, in the expression of the feeling that you are having at that moment in time.   And if you want to do something, you might like to, just for a little while, hold your ring finger, on whatever hand you choose, and know that are allowing healing to occur on the level of the feeling that you are experiencing now.

Someone, once said to me, that tears where when there was so much love inside that your skin can’t hold it any more.   So next time you find yourself crying, or someone you love, unable to stop crying, I ask you, to think about just how much love must be inside for those many tears to be coming to the surface now.


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