Yes, I also know how to do Fear

Over the past few weeks I have observed my mind behaving in a way that reminded me of old patterns of being.    I found myself getting caught in a constant chatter of negativity, fear and pain.    In fact I  surprised myself, that with all I knew and all I believed in, that I was doing fear.  I was extremely tired and had not been particularly well and I guess what was happening was that my mind was defaulting to the negative, our natural default system.

I was being challenged on many levels, in terms of who I was, and what I believed in.   But the amazing thing was that the bigger the challenge and the more fearful I felt, the more I started to believe in who it is that I am.   What it is that I believe in, and what it is that I am passionate about.

And it reminded me about what I had said in my last blog about embracing the opposite.    When you are trapped by fear, look to the opposite or the other side of that fear, that aspect of yourself that wants a chance just to be who it is that you truly are.   Warts pimples and the lot.   To reclaim your magnificence, and to celebrate who it is that you truly are.   And you know what, when you do this you also allow others to do it to.  

And then what happens to fear.   Well it opens the doors to the opposite if you only let yourself embrace those positive aspects of yourself that you have hidden for far too long.   And you begin to celebrate who it is that you really are.


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