It”s about the reflection

As I sit in my kitchen at my black granite bench typing this I am reminded how much pleasure I get from the reflection in the bench of the Ukka tree that sits outside my kitchen window.    The leaves have a tint of yellow in their greenness and the reflection that is mirrored in the bench is cheerful and makes me smile.   

I have become increasingly aware over the last 12 months, how important reflections are in the healing process.   Not the negative reflections that trip us up, but those that bring new insights, new dimensions, and new ways of thinking.

“As above, so below” was the phrase that started me on the journey of looking at reflections, especially in relation to my hypnotherapy practise.    I found myself questioning whether it was the opposite that held the answer to many of life’s challenges that people bought to my clinic.   The positive reflections that they were not owning.   That part of them that was truly who they were and had much to show them.

I would go so far as to state that for most of us, fear plays quite a considerable role in our life, and on some levels quite rightly as it keeps us safe.   But it also keeps us trapped in old ways of being.  

From a Jin Shin Jyutsu perspective, which deals with attitudes and how they effect our health, the opposite of fear is trust.   So for me walking from fear through to trust, seemed sensible.

So I started doing just this in my hypnotherapy practise.   Walking people from fear through to trust and what happened was that new insights appeared.   The wonderful thing was, and is, is that no two people so far have had the same insights.   Each one is tailored individually to suit them.

So, I suggest, that next time you find you are defaulting to the negative, and owning all the negative things that everyone has ever said about you,  think about its opposite and what it might feel like if you were to change you default system from negative to positive and begin to claim who you really are.


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