Sarah’s Story – The Love Heart Birds

For Christmas  I would like to share with you a story written by my 8 year old grandchild in relation to a picture she drew at the drop in centre at the new Auckland Art Gallery.  

The Love Heart Birds

 I wanted to draw a parrot standing on a log but I didn’t know how to draw it’s legs so I drew it flying.

 I thought of other things and drew hearts and then drew black around them and they became love-heart birds.

 Mummy parrot had a baby and the baby really liked the love-heart birds and thought they were funny because they had love-hearts on their tummies, and one of the love-heart birds started to think “why did we have hearts on our tummies.”

 The ones that didn’t have love hearts on their tummies were not very nice to the love-heart birds but the mummy parrot was the boss of all the birds and what she did was make every bird special.

 When she saw one love-heart bird unhappy she did a little “birdy”  dance for him and she made him happy.

 He asked her “why do you have so many pretty colours” and the mummy bird said “I was born this way”.   You were born to be loving and kind.

 The love-heart bird said “but why do I love things when I am upset” and the mummy bird said “that if you can’t love things when you are sad you will be like every other bird and you would not be as special as every other bird because every bird has a special thing deep down inside of them”.

 “But I don’t know what my special thing is” said the love-heart bird.

 The mummy bird said “you will find it out at the right time.”   But when is the right time”.   “Any time is the right time.   “When you are sad and feeling upset you can be happy by thinking about anything.   About things that other birdies think you are awful at, or other birdies think you are silly about.   You just do what you want to do and think what you are and be VERY SPECIAL.”

 My Christmas wish for you is that you will notice how very special you are today and allow this specialness to touch another and another and another and watch it spread and grow throughout the day.

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