The words that we use

I have become fascinated with the language we use and how different words mean different things to different people.   It is surprising how often people are really saying the same thing but just using different words and how much time is taken up trying to find a commonality.

I noticed when reading a magazine the other day that the editor commented on how her father had introduced her to the thesaurus early in her life and how fascinated she had become with words as a result.   Given that my spelling leaves a lot to be desired and that words are part of my livelihood, I decided that perhaps this was something that may be worthwhile investigating.

I found it fascinating the variety of words listed under a simple word like  NOTHINGNESS.  They listed emptiness, immateriality, intangibility, pointlessness, sparseness, triviality, unimportance, vacancy, void, worthlessness and zero.   Is it any wonder therefore that sometimes communication goes a little bit astray when we focus so heavily on the words that people use and the meaning we give them.  

From my perspective NOTHINGNESS can be defined as either a positive or negative state, but I am not so sure about pointlessness, or worthlessness.   Can they be defined as a positive state?          

So I would like to suggest perhaps that you also become fascinated with the words that you use and choose words that make a difference in your life.   Words that empower rather than negate you.   Notice how such a simple thing can make such a big difference in your life

So for me, rather than LET GO, I am choosing to LET IN, and I am surprised that changing one simple word can make such a difference in my life.


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