Becoming a Quantum Activist.

I seem to have been spending a lot of my time since my last post thinking about the positive aspects of being a Quantum Activist and practicing positive emotions.

I guess for me it is all about taking up the challenge of promoting practicing positive emotions.   I am not at all sure that I know how to encourage others to join me in a group situation, or simply how to encourage others to actively remember positive experiences even if just for a moment.   But I do know that by practicing positive emotions on a regular basis the joy that I used to have seems to have returned and I have more energy.   And it’s funny really because I didn’t even know that I had lost that “joy” until I got it back.

It seems to me that to practice positive emotions effectively you need to adopt some of the same techniques I use when I teach my clients about micro pauses.   Where they learn to use self hypnosis on a regular basis to recharge their ” batteries”.   And all it takes, once awareness is achieved is 5 deep breaths to bring about a wonderful state of  deep relaxation.

So just imagine what might happen if you chose on a regular basis to utilize that micropause just like a coffee break,  but just before you opened your eyes, when you were in that deep state of relaxation,  you took a moment to remember something, no matter how small, that bought a smile to your face.  And you took the time to notice that positive feeling, maybe even to smell what it smelt like and taste what it tastes like, and for some even to hear what it heard like, and then “suck” it in.   I wonder what would change if you began to do this on a regular basis.

I wonder if you would begin to notice over time that you couldn’t quite put your finger on it, and maybe you weren’t exactly sure, but perhaps, perhaps you would notice that you smiled a little more frequently.    That you began to notice other people smiling and believe it or not it felt good.

So once again I would encourage you to become a Quantum Activist.  Practice positive emotions.  Change yourself and allow the world to change simultaneously as you begin to allow a smile to become so much more a part of who you are now.

You might choose to do this individually on a regular basis, just like you would sit down and have a cup of coffee.   Savour a positive experience, “suck” it in allow it to expand and spread and begin to notice a difference in the quality of the life you live.

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