Become a Quantum Activist: Change ourselves and change the world simultaneously

I recently attended a workshop by Amit Gaswami.   A Professor Emeritus of Quantum Physics and I liked what I heard.   I had previously come across his comments in What the Bleep Do We Know, and had watched his video The Quantum Activist (which incidentally you can get from the Auckland Library) and wanted to know more.

I liked the way he referred to me as a person.   A person who creates the world along with every other person, as long as I take responsibility for what I create.   I like the thought of a community and that you and I are all in this together and together we can make a difference.  

I like the fact that there is something that I can DO about it, as well as the way that I can BE with it.  

Do you know that most of the positive experiences that we have are not held within the storage facilities of our mind – our neural network?     That these positive emotions are not available in the same way that negative emotions are when it comes to making a decision about something.    Negative emotions quickly form part of the subconscious aspect of our mind and we respond accordingly when we are faced with a decision on how to react.  

No doubt you will agree with me that for most of us fear is that aspect of us that stops us from reaching the goals that we set.   The dreams that we have.   Or from making the changes that would impact so positively on our life, and on some level rightly so.     In some cases our survival depends upon the emotion that arises in terms of danger that may be presenting itself.    But in many cases, fear is an illusion that stops us from achieving our ambitions and goals in life.   

So just imagine what could or would happen if we were to actively focus on bringing in positive emotions, or what I call “sucking them in” – drawing them down into our neural networks, how things could change.

And just imagine what could happen or would happen if we got together in groups and started doing this together and the group energy added another dimension to the creation of neural networks, not just individually but collectively and globally what difference we could make.

So if you are interested becoming a Quantum Activist and in joining a group specifically set up to practice “sucking in” or bringing in positive emotions you might like to let me know by emailing me on  or subscribing to my newsletter and I will keep you posted with dates and times. 



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