From Fear through to Trust

 Have you ever noticed how often we stop ourselves from being who it is that we truly are through fear.   Fear of the unknown.   Fear of what others might think.    Fear of change, or just simply fear.  

Sometimes we know exactly where it comes from, and that fear is relevant and necessary to keep us safe, but at other times it is simply something that develops over time and we are not always sure where it comes from.     Sometimes we fear not being good enough, or even that we might be better than we think.   That fear of both failure and success.

I think fear is the one common denominator that most of us share at some time in our life.   We get used to the patterns of behaviour that we adopt whether they work for us or work against us.  

Sometimes of course fear is necessary.   It is the primitive response to keep us safe – to stop us being eaten by the tiger.    But it is when we see only tigers or danger out there that fear works against us.      

I have become fascinated in my clinic recently how much benefit clients are receiving from walking through that fear to the other side, or what I call trust.   And guess what, it seems to me that on the other side of the dark, or fear, there is always light.    It just takes trust.   And when we trust the process then miracles can happen.

So I suggest that you might like to find a place where you can take a moment and dream for a little while of what might be on the other side of that fear.    Of how your life might change if you simply walked through.   To open that door that has been shut for too long.   To step through that fear into trust and notice what it on the other side     A glimpse, a thought, a feeling, an image or maybe even a colour,  or whatever.   Simply allow yourself to feel how good that feeling is and suck it in.  Right down to the core of who it is that you are.  Dream a little, or a lot, of how this feels and when you have spent as much time as seems right for you enjoying this feeling open your eyes and bring yourself back to full awareness, alert and aware of your surroundings.   

And I wonder what would happen if you took this feeling and thought of it frequently over the next few days just for a few moments at a time.   Sucked it in.   Savoured the moment and then let time and space connect with exactly what is right for you now. 

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