NZAPH/NZANLP combined conference

This is being held in Rotorua on the 18th-19th June 2011 at the Kingsgate Hotel, Rotorua and I am one of a number of speakers that will be presenting over the course of the weekend.   Interested parties are welcome to register at

I will be speaking on The Power of Intention.

It has opened up for me a host of questions that are both fascinating and open ended  in their possibilities.

I am intrigued by questions that arise such as:  

What happens in the space between thought or intention and the outcome?    Is it top down or bottom up as is so elequently described by Amit Goswami in his DVD Quantum Activist.

Could hypnotherapy be seen as a space between the thought and the outcome?     A space between imagination and reality.   And if this is the case at what point does imagination and reality cross over and become one and the same?

Is the therapist the mirror or the reflection and if this is the case what part does the reality of the therapist have to play in the outcome of the session?

How do we quantify the space between the intention, the thought, and the reality of the outcome?   Or by quantifying the space do we simply loose the magic of the moment and unlimited potential.

I first became interested in the Power of Intention when I read Lynne McTaggart’s books the Field, and “The Intention Experiment”.  It changed my way of working with clients as I began to understand that the stories we tell, are simply the stories that we live by and that we can rewrite those stories and reclaim our life.   

And if you are interested in these two books I am sure you will be interested in her latest book “The Bond” – connecting through the space between us, which you might also like to check out.

Simple really in its belief.   The power of Intention.    So I ask you to imagine what it would feel like if you could walk through your fear to the other side of that fear and allowed yourself to experience feel how wonderful it would feel.   Enjoy the magic of the moment, suck it in, saturate your memory banks with the joy of it and then I ask?   Would it make a difference in your life if you took a moment, just one moment, to do this whenever you thought about it, to saturate your memory with the joy of it?    I wonder how the story that you tell now would be different from the story you used to tell?

So dream a little.     Allow the space between the dream that you dream as you drift off to sleep and the reality that you create to begin to merge into a new story, and a new way of being.   And so be it.

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